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Professional Portfolio

My resume is available upon request. Please follow the link and make a note in the message box.
Have you ever wondered how to promote creativity and innovation at your workplace? This how-to article will show you some of the ropes.
A few commonly asked interview questions and my personal responses to them.
Discrimination against women in the workplace is a topic I am passionate about. This research proposal offers compelling evidence and practical solutions to this problem.
A research paper focused on why it is important to promote creativity and innovation in the workplace.
The PowerPoint and script for this presentation were both created by me. The topic of the presentation is creativity and innovation in the workplace.
I took an interest in graphic design when I was 15 years old. I then learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and other design programs like Canva.
Reading has always been an enjoyable hobby for me. As I have continued my education and gotten older, my interests have shifted from the Nancy Drew books to stories about real people and their issues.