Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

Author: Laszlo Bock | Genre: Business Self Help Book

I read this book to help me write a research paper about promoting creativity and innovation in the workplace. The research paper can be referenced here. This book was excellent and I enjoyed the focus it gave on helping managers and business leaders understand the impact they can have on the people they work with. There were a lot of real-life examples and true stories that resonated with me and helped me think of areas in my work-life that were similar and where I could improve. My biggest takeaway was to remember the importance of validating, appreciating, and motivating your team through creative and logical goals.


Author: Tara Westover | Genre: Autobiography

Educated was a book that left me feeling extremely grateful for my education and that from a young age I was in a classroom learning. Tara was born and raised in an Idaho town not too far from where I currently live. I was shocked to read about the lifestyle she lived in a modern-day, rural town. Not to spoil the end, but Tara miraculously goes to college and continues to higher education. She changed her life all because she decided to choose something else. This story is inspiring and thought-provoking, one choice can really change your life!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han | Genre: Romance YA Fiction

I love a well-written self-help or informational book like the next person. I will admit that I am a romantic at heart and have a hard time passing up a good love story! The main character, Lara Jean, faces a wild turn of events when her heartfelt love letters are mailed accidentally. They were never meant to go to the recipients. They were just addressed journal entries. I learned from this book to always be cautious with your actions but also it is ok to be vulnerable and express your feelings. Both are good life lessons and apply to many situations!