Over the past 14 weeks, I took on a new job as the social media manager for Royal Soda Co. They are a soda shop in a shipping container in Rexburg, Idaho. They are loved by the community and there are a lot of people who stop by daily to get their caffeine fix or grab a warm hot chocolate on a rainy day. The drink combinations are endless with 75+ flavor syrups and your favorite variety of soda, you really can’t go wrong. As their social media manager, it has been my job and goal to grow their following and help them stay relevant with the community, which is a lot of college kids and young families. I have also worked on increasing engagement with their posts because they started out with a considerable amount of followers.

Instagram Profile Face Lift

To start out, I decided that the Instagram profile needed a facelift. The goal was to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate. I created some highlight bubbles that matched the logo. They can be seen below! I also added the Doordash link to a button that says “order food” so that customers can easily view the menu and order something.

Engaging Stories

I created fun stories for people to vote “this or that” on so they could share their preferences and see what other people enjoyed from Royal Soda Co. The stories that let people share their opinion, vote, or comment received the most engagement and views.

Engaging Content

Every week I would create content that included photos of people, drinks, and just cookies. There is a wide variety of posts on the page so that it was more engaging for our followers. All of the content was created by me. I realized how much time it takes to create, edit, and plan content. Making sure that I always had something ready to post was stressful and time-consuming. I would have to say that was my biggest challenge with this project. You can never have enough content!

Insights & Takeaways

This project taught me a lot about professional content. It takes money, time, and effort to make photos look good. It is also vital that you have consistent branding across the board. While I realize I am not perfect, I have been happy with the outcome and improvement of Royal Soda Co’s. social media pages. Their engagement has increased by 106% which is a win in my book!

Thanks for tuning in on this exciting project!

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