This is the fourth and final phase of the Royal Soda Co. social media development project. This week’s exciting news is that the following on the page has started to increase, and we have been getting a couple of new followers every day!

The content that I have been creating lately has been holiday-themed. You can see some of the posts below!

Besides creating content, I have been posting stories nearly every day on the account, even if they are simple. We have seen a recent amount of customer support and public reviews on other social media users stories. The last big initiative I have been taking is making sure to like and comment on our followers posts. It has boosted our engagement and made others want to interact with us more! Here are some examples of the stories I created and shared. I made them into polls so people could choose, “this or that,” and pick their favorites!

I am very happy with the Royal Soda Co. Instagram and all the good changes it has gone through the past couple of weeks. It has been a great project and I have learned a lot!

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