I am roughly six weeks into the social media development for Royal Soda Co. While I originally wanted to increase the following on the account, I have increased engagement instead. I realized that having a high number of followers is essential and shows that many people are interested. I also realized that if you have a high amount of followers that don’t engage with your account, you aren’t making as big of an impact as you could be. I am happy with the increase in engagement I have seen lately.

Royal Reviews

I started a new feature this week, introducing Roayl Reviews. Every Friday, there will be a review in our stories about the Drink of the Month or another unique item off of our menu. I spent time this week finding someone to be the taste tester, recording their reaction, and putting it together in an easily viewable format. A new highlight bubble was also created so these reviews can be saved and referred back to later on!

The review can be viewed here!


Here is the photo and typography content I have created lately! I have been really promoting the membership card deal that they have going on. We have seen an increase in sales as it has been promoted on social media.

Progress is being made and stats are looking up for Royal Soda Co.

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