Traveling has always been a passion of mine and I remember when I was younger I loved to watch, “The Amazing Race.” It was exciting to see where the teams would be sent on their adventures. Well, one of the major sponsors of that television program was Travelocity.

Travelocity’s slogan is to “wander wisely” which means to stay in safe places and to save money while doing it. This slogan is also a part of their logo so it is easy to remember.

I am currently taking a class on Visual Media and our latest assignment was to find an advertisment campaign that we liked and then to create an additional advertisemnt of our own that would match the style. I thought of all the things I love most and traveling is at the top of my list and I remembered the Travelocity Gnome and decided to head in that direction.

Today I wanted to compare my advertisement and the original advertisment and talk about the elements of design that really make it work!

Original Advertisment

Color & Contrast:

We all know that color is so important to any advertisement and I think the tropical colors and warmness you see in the image are very appealing. I love that the same blue is used 6 times from the sand shovel, the gnome coat, and even the umbrella in the drink. The color orange was also used in the same from the star in the logo, the orange garnish and straw in the drink, and the flags on the castle! The green background is helpful in adding contrast and making the other elements pop.

Typography, Alignment & Proximity:

The typography on this logo is great. They have a good thing going with a san-serif modern font and a script font! Additionally the alignment of everything helps add balance to the image. The logo is left aligned with the drink somewhat right aligned below it. The gnome on the right adds some height and is a good go between for the sand castle and logo. I like that the sand castle and green palm tress are blurred in the back because it helps the viewer focus on everything going on.

My Advertisment:

This is my copy and sister advertiement to the original. This advertisement relates because there is still a beach theme going on and our gnome friend is still there.

Color & Contrast:

Going back to the importance of color we can see that the blue is still consistent in this advertisement. It is on the gnomes coat,his sunglasses, the logo, and in the blue ocean water. The orange from the logo is also shown in the rocks and sand on the beach. The blue ocean water also creates an excellent contrast for the white logo!

Typography, Alignment & Proximity:

The typography is basicallly the same as the first one, the added difference is a added, “visit tahiti next!” statement. This added statment is helpful because this photo is from Tahiti and also its a call to action and another destination to put on peoples radars. The text is smartly right aligned.

I realize that the gnome isn’t standing straight up on the beach in this photo like the other ad and instead coming in at a corner. The reason is because the gnome has personality and I wanted to create some interest having him pop in the corner like that. He is a good proximity from the text but also is fun to look at because he doesn’t take up too much of the background.


The two advertisments that have been analzyed above could be in the same campaign because they share many of the same colors, they have the same logos, and are in simliar tropical locations. Also, we can’t forget the mascot of the gnome. He is very important in representing the Travelocity business!

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